We capture the world from above.

B.A.D. Drones LLC is an independent drone photography & videography service based in Wyoming.

We use drones to capture an unparalleled view of the world.

Aerial Photography & Videography Experts.

The world from above is our canvas.

Aerial Photographs

Photographs for Film, Sports Events, Weddings, Agriculture, and More…

Aerial Videos

Video for Film, Sports Events, Weddings, Agriculture, and More…

Real Estate Imagery

Sell Homes Faster!
And for Higher Prices!

Aerial Industrial Services

Hazardous inspections of Pipelines, Towers, Power Lines, and Industrial Facilities.

Drone Service Areas of Expertise

Gas Leak Detection

Drone-enabled gas leak detection for LDAR operations

Roofing / Building Inspections

Roofing and Building surveys and inspections

Telco Tower Inspections

Telco tower analysis, inspection, and surveys

Power Line Inspections

Power line analysis, inspection, and surveys

Underwater Inspections

Find leaks and inspect underwater installations

Confined Space Inspections

Drone-enabled inspections of confined spaces

First Responder Drone Support

Support a variety of first responder requirements, including search and rescue with drone

Agriculture Drone Services

Farm surveys, crop health, and a variety of other aerial services

Work with the best.

A simple look is all you need to crush your competition.

We are here for you

Drones are taking over the world and becoming a part of our everyday lives. And businesses of all sorts are just now starting to realize how drones can make them more money, save them more money, and impress everyone.

From Aerial Real Estate photography to professional videography, to agricultural research, and radio tower inspections, to search and rescue, and more, drones are changing our everyday lives and creating opportunities previously unheard of.

Now, you can have professional aerial videos and pictures of your business. Get professional videos of your wedding or indie film project. Take a complete scan of your farm, or do just about anything else you can imagine.

We are here to help you realize your dreams with professional drone videos and photos. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE consultation so you can see exactly how drone photos and videos can make you more money, save you more money, and impress everyone.

And be sure to download the FREE report, The Dangers of Do it Yourself Drone Operation, to protect yourself from the most common dangers of drone use.


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Gillette, WY 82718

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